The 2004 Worldwide Publication of
The Completely Updated English-Language Edition

Now in its Fourth Printing!

‘I want to be a living work of art.’
—The Marchesa Casati

Infinite Variety:
The Life and Legend of the Marchesa Casati

The Definitive Edition

In the feature article “The Divine Marquise” for The New Yorker (September 22, 2003), National Book Award winning author Judith Thurman stated: “The only biography of Casati in English, Infinite Variety, was published four years ago and is out of print, but it deserves to be revived.” Happily, that once unfortunate state of affairs was rectified in a truly spectacular way when the University of Minnesota Press published a fully revised and expanded version of the book to coincide with New York Fashion Week in September of the following year. Now a decade later and in its third printing, Infinite Variety remains the last word on this extraordinary icon.

The completely updated English-language trade paperback contains the most up-to-date text of the Marchesa’s amazing adventures yet uncovered by authors Ryersson and Yaccarino. Among them is Casati’s unforgettable 1920’s sojourn in America where she caused a press sensation whilst tangoing through New York City, Palm Beach and Hollywood. The book is further graced by a generous selection of meticulously restored images from The Casati Archives. A tantalizing portion of these visual treasures has not appeared in any previously published version of the biography—or indeed have ever been reproduced anywhere else. Therefore, it is no wonder that the University of Minnesota Press’s release of Infinite Variety became known officially as “The Definitive Edition”. The book was intensely anticipated as well since both the original American and subsequent British editions of it have long been sold out and are now considered collector’s items. Upon the release of “The Definitive Edition”, the now late Lady Moorea Black, granddaughter of the Marchesa Casati, noted: “The authors' constant research and dedication to Lusia's memory and life is truly wonderful. I enjoyed it enormously.” Infinite Variety is the only full-length, family-authorised biography of the Marchesa Luisa Casati.

Established in 1925, the University of Minnesota Press is renowned for its publication of groundbreaking works in social and cultural thought, critical theory, race and ethnic studies, urbanism, feminist criticism, and media studies. Also, it is among the most active publishers of translations of significant volumes of European and Latin American thought and scholarship. It is under such estimable auspices that Infinite Variety has been made available in yet another metamorphosis—and one as dazzling as the inimitable muse who inspired it.


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ISBN: 0-8166-4520-5 • Trade Paperback • 235 Pages • $18.95 USD
32 Black & White Illustrations (photographs & artwork reproductions)




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