'Je veux être une oeuvre d'art vivante.'
(‘I want to be a living work of art.’)
—La Marquise Casati

The French-Language Edition

La Casati

Éditions Assouline gave the January 2003 worldwide release of La Casati: Les multiples vies de la marquise Luisa Casati, the French-language edition of Infinite Variety: The Life and Legend of the Marchesa Casati

Authors Scot D. Ryersson and Michael Orlando Yaccarino fully revised and expanded Infinite Variety, and uncovered a wealth of photographs and art reproductions of the fabulous Marchesa Casati for this now sold-out version of their celebrated biography. Vogue (Paris) has already proclaimed: 'La Casati is a delicious edition of extremely rare and retro refinement...An indispensable book.' While Le Figaro Madame (Paris) praised: 'Written with so much passion, La Casati is filled with testimonies of the period and the most fabulous anecdotes.'

Based in Paris and New York City, Éditions Assouline is the recognized leading publisher of sumptuous volumes on art, fashion, beauty and photography since 1994. Their stunning edition of La Casati is surely one that would have been approved of by the discerning Marchesa Casati herself.

ISBN: 2-84323-388-7 • Trade Paperback • 263 Pages • EUR 24,00
26 Black & White and Colour Illustrations (photographs & artwork reproductions)


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