'Ich möchte ein lebendes Kunstwerk sein.'
(‘I want to be a living work of art.’)
—The Marchesa Casati

The German-Language Editions

Die gottliche Marchesa
The Divine Marchesa

The German-Language EditionAlthough undisputed artistic and cultural icon of Italy, the Marchesa Casati's familial heritage is most firmly rooted in Austria. Indeed, her paternal grandparents and maternal grandmother originated from this beautiful area of Central Europe. So then Die gottliche Marchesa: Leben und Legende der Luisa Casati (or The Divine Marchesa: Life and Legend of Luisa Casati), the German-language, hardcover edition of Infinite Variety, has quickly become a source of national pride and the recipient of tremendous critical acclaim upon its autumn 2006 release by Haymon Verlag, the esteemed Innsbruck-based publishing house.

German-language readers first became fully aware of the Marchesa's astounding exploits, as detailed in Infinite Variety, when German Vogue featured the article “Mythische Marchesa” in their February 2000 issue. Further interest followed with the March 2005 publication of a major survey of Casati's eccentric existence in Ladylife, the popular Austrian culture magazine. But now the entire story has been revealed in luminous detail for the first time in the German language. Translated by Astrid Tautscher, the now sold-out hardcover Haymon Verlag edition of the biography includes a completely updated text adorned by a cache of visual gems documenting the Marchesa's enthralling life journey. Major press attention on the book was launched with important coverage in the October 2006 issue of German Vogue. A special media highlight was when Park Avenue magazine (Hamburg) included Casati in the top-twenty of the one hundred most important style icons of the past century in their April 2007 issue.

Due to the overwhelming success of the original German-language edition, a now sold-out trade paperback version was released by Random House Germany (btb) in March 2009. Shortly after its publication, the popular culture magazine Brigitte described the book's reading experience as '...immersing one in Casati's fantastic world of costume parties, decadence and enormous luxury.' Due to continued popular demand, in 2012 Haymon Verlag published a further paperback edition currently available.

In 1935, Man Ray captured the Marchesa Casati in one of her most celebrated photo-portraits costumed as the beloved Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Smiling slyly with leather whip in-hand betwixt two rearing horses of papier-mâché, the Marchesa stares triumphantly forward into the new millennium. An eager audience in the land of her forebears has greeted this arrival with a thunderous ovation.


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ISBN: 3-85218-517-3 • Hardcover • 264 Pages • EUR 19,90/SFR 34,90
78 Black & White and Colour Illustrations (photographs & artwork reproductions)


Haymon Verlag

ISBN: 3-44273-742-7 • Trade Paperback • 351 Pages • EUR 12,00
78 Black & White and Colour Illustrations (photographs & artwork reproductions)


Haymon Verlag

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