Extravagant, Dark, Mysterious

Announcing the release
"Myrrh Casati"
from Jeroen Oude Sogtoen & Maison Mona di Orio

About the Perfume

Inspired by the Marchesa Casati, the legendary patron of the arts and muse of eccentricity, known for her extravagant dark fashion and lavish fetes replete with exotic animals, gilded servants, and an infectious waft of incense and mystery that surrounded her. Myrrh Casati, with its complexity and originality, is strikingly alluring and obsessively addictive.

The Scent: Peruvian red berries, pink pepper, Guatemalan cardamom, saffron, licorice, Siamese benzoin,
myrrh and incense from Somalia, Indonesian patchouli, Indian cypriol nagarmotha, guaiac wood from Paraguay
[Parfumeur: Mélanie Leroux / Monogram Collection / Flacon: Ateliers Dinand

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