The 2006 Worldwide Publication of
The Russian-Language Edition

'Я хочу быть живым произведением искусства.'
(‘I want to be a living work of art.’)
—The Marchesa Casati

The Russian-Language Edition

Неистовая маркиза
The Wild Marquise

Counted among the Marchesa Casati's many eclectic friends was Prince Félix Youssoupov—the very master-mind responsible for Rasputin's assassination. It was in Rome during the Russian nobleman's exile that the two met for the first time as described in Youssoupov's autobiographical writings:

In the room where I was introduced, a woman of singular beauty was reclining on a tiger pelt with translucent veils outlining her slender body. Two greyhounds, one black and one white, were sleeping at her feet…. Our hostess raised her splendid eyes. They were so large that in her pale face, you could not see anything but them. With a slow and undulant movement, like that of a royal cobra, she offered me a hand decorated with rings of giant pearls. The hand itself was ravishing. I leaned in to kiss her……

Infinite Variety Russian Edition So both the Prince and the Marchesa would have been more than pleased by the Christmas 2006 publication of Неистовая маркиза: жизнь и легенда Луизы Казати (or The Wild Marquise: The Life and Legend of Luisa Casati), the Russian-language version of Infinite Variety by Slovo, Moscow's most prestigious art book publisher. Translated by Irina Zaslavskaya, this edition is adorned by all of the authors' newest research findings and the most lavish assortment of rare iconography of Casati and her world ever published anywhere. It has received many superlative reviews, including the following from Le Figaro Madame (Russia): 'This magnificently illustrated book is executed with the most exquisite taste.'

Casati's association with Youssoupov was but one of numerous that she enjoyed with the many talented Russian émigrés whom had fled to Europe's capitals following the Revolution. As patron and friend, the Marchesa's circle included such celebrated artists as: Aleksandr Archipenko, Catherine Barjansky, Natalia Gontcharova, Mikhail Larionov, Nikolai Riabushinsky, Léopold Survage, Prince Paul Troubetzkoy, and Romain de Tirtoff (more famously known as Erté), all of whom portrayed her in oil, ink, wax, and bronze. In addition, the Marchesa was not only a collector of Fabergé, but also repeatedly commissioned Léon Bakst, the great costume and scenic designer for Serge Diaghilev's Ballets Russes, to create both her fancy dress outfits and everyday attire. And it was at Casati's Venetian palazzo on the Grand Canal that Vaslav Nijinsky and Isadora Duncan danced together for the only time. All of these intriguing connections and episodes are explored in sparkling detail in Неистовая маркиза.

Founded in 1989, Slovo has flourished as one of Russia's first privately owned publishing houses. In addition to their reputation as creating some of the most exquisite art books in the world, they also release works of quality fiction and non-fiction, music-related titles, and highly respected encyclopedias of Russian history. Infinite Variety could not have found a finer home in the land of white nights.

ISBN: 5-85050-895-3 • Hardcover • 304 Pages • Price: RUB 713/EUR 21,00
200 Black & White and Colour Illustrations (photographs & artwork reproductions)



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