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Scot D. Ryersson: In Memoriam

This is to note the passing of Scot D. Ryersson, Co-Director of The Casati Archives and co-author of the two official biographies of the Marchesa Luisa Casati: Infinite Variety: The Life and Legend of the Marchesa Casati and The Marchesa Casati: Portraits of a Muse, as well as countless other related works. Scot was singly responsible for the initial and majority of decades worth of tireless ongoing research that resulted in these essential writings and the establishment of The Casati Archives, which remains the world's only data source and image bank devoted to preserving the artistic and cultural legacy of this extraordinary figure. Both The Casati Archives and the original 1999 publication of Infinite Variety celebrate their 25th anniversaries this year. Scot's notable achievements as an artist of unique vision and the author of inimitable writings in diverse areas remains astonishing. Raise your hearts--perhaps accompanied by a glass of absinthe or champagne--in his honor. Learn more about Scot here and here.

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